“Annalyse used her experience and instinct to help me get my quirky sensitive off the track thoroughbred mare back to being ridden. Not since working with master instructor Doris Eddy have I found anyone that thought outside the box, innovated, and experimented to gain trust and confidence in both me and my Hala horse. Instead of riding around in circles in a ring, Annalyse got Hala on the trail where all the ‘school’ figures could be integrated in a much more stimulating and natural environment…making Hala ready and able to do school work in the arena. Instead of getting a sore sore back and bored horse… Annalyse has helped to bring out the brilliance and talent in this mare and build confidence and trust in me. I would highly recommend Annalyse – her wisdom and intuition are beyond her years!

Giovanna Lapore