Lazy Pony Farm offers trail riding and lessons. All ages and abilities are welcome. Singles riders or as a group, come experience the fun on lovely wooded trails, in our Merry Go Round Indoor Arena or our beautiful outdoor arena! We offer both Western and English. At this time, no new students are being accepted. If you are interested in being placed on our waitlist for a lesson, please contact us here. Please note: Trail rides are available to riders taking lessons only.


A training process with (for) young horses that eases them into the world of Equine versatility, teaching them how to problem solve, trust their handler (and themselves) and (to) willingly take on new challenges.


Our focus is on giving horses and their riders a good start, with ability, confidence and trust marking for years of riding enjoyment. Trust between horse and rider is key. Our belief is that mutual trust can be taught with time and patience.

The Lazy Pony Farm accomplishes this by using herd mentality and older horses that act by example. These are methods which horses instinctively know through their DNA. Creating sympatico between horse and rider matters to horse owners who are invested in the long term well-being of their horse. No revolving door relationships. This results in more enjoyment and real life cycle cost savings for you and your horse.

Learning is unique to each horse—rider pair; no two relationships are alike. Learning takes time, like all things in life that matter… Let us help you and your horse strengthen your bond to create a positive relationship for both horse and rider!